Friday, July 13, 2007

Bombay Bhel

Whenever I make SevPuri, it is always followed by BhelPuri.
The reason being, I am always left with some extra Chutneys and few puris at hand.And what better way to utilise this remaining stuff, than making the BhelPuri!

I remember whenever we use to eat at a 'bhelwala' in Bombay, I would say to my hubby, you order one sevpuri and I'll order one bhel and then we'll share and eat. But no sooner would this first round finish than I would feel like ordering a sevpuri for myself and he would want a bhel all for himself. So we ended up eating more of the junk food anyways!

So when I make Sevpuri we feel like rounding it off with the Bhel!

The recipe for this is very simple again.

Just throw in whatever you have at hand with some spicy chutneys and its ready to go!

Sometimes when I have some dry Farsan(like chivda and ghathia) at home, I just mix it up with some chutneys and throw in some peanuts and sev and it serves the purpose of a Bhel!

But for a more authentic bhel recipe I use-
Kurmure(puffed rice)
Onion, finely chopped
Tomatoes, finely chopped
Boiled and chopped potatoes
Raw mango, chopped
Peanuts and chana dal
Puris, crushed
Lime juice

The method is extremely simple.
Just put all the above ingredients together and mix well.
Garnish with cilantro, sev and lime juice.
And its ready to enjoy!


Coffee said...

Oh yes..... thats a very common practice in my house as well..... to finish it all up make bhel ;)

Good one there! :)

archana said...

After sev puri now you are tempting me with bhel my favorite ? Nice recipe :)

archana said...
you have been tagged for a meme

Asha said...

DON'T do this to me on a Saturday morning!!:))

Tee said...

I am drooling over this...can I have this for breakfast ? ;)

Kajal said...

Ohh.....when I was child then I always say to my mom please made this bhel dish on my brithday. And I say the same today also. Always love this dish.:)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is my fav.....Love it...

Saju said...

love it! thank you for sharing

Sharmi said...

here you go girl with another chaat!! loved the look of you chaat palate.

Sia said...

bring it on... i love all chats and more the merrier:)

DEEPA said...

hey you are rocking by preparing different chat items lady ..too good .....mouthwatering one's

Jyothsna said...

Waiting for more chaat!! :)