Thursday, December 6, 2007

Spicy Bittergourd

This is my mom's Recipe.
I know Bittergourd is not a very likeable vegetable...the name says it all.
But still I tend to somehow like it.
And when I make it this way, it really doesn't taste that bitter!

The recipe is quite simple though.
First of all, Cut the bittergourd into thin roundels.
Apply salt and leave them for around half an hour or so.
Then rinse them well in water a couple of times.
This is supposed to remove atleast some of their bitterness.

Then take a skillet.
Heat some oil and shallow fry the bittergourd pieces till golden.
You dont have to deep fry them so the quantity of oil should be quite less.
Remove and drain them on a paper towel.
Then in the same skillet, in the remaining oil, add finely chopped onions.
Also add, lots of finely chopped garlic.
Saute well till the onions turn brown.
Then throw in some finely chopped tomatoes.
Again, cook till the oil seperates.

Then put in all the dry spices like-
Red chilli pwdr, Coriander pwdr, Cumin pwdr, Turmeric, Garam Masala pwdr and Salt and a pinch of sugar.
Again, roast it well.
Finally add the roasted bittergourd pieces.
Garnish it with a lot of Cilantro.

And enjoy it with hot Phulkas.