Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice is another street food that is an all-time favourite in our home.
It provides a nice change when we get bored eating the usual ghar ka khana like roti, subzi, dal-rice and miss the mumbai streetfood!

Ragda is the gravy that is made of whole yellow Peas.
And this gravy is poured over the Pattice that is made of potatoes.
And it is generally topped with a spicy Chutney.

For making the Ragda-

You need to soak the whole yellow peas that is 'white vatana' overnight.
In the morning rinse them in 2-3 changes of water and boil them in the cooker till they are soft but not mushy.
For 1 cup of white vatana I chopped-
2 onions, finely and pureed 2 tomatoes.
I also used-
2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp jeera(cumin seeds)
1/4 tsp turmeric pwdr
1 tsp red chilly pwdr
salt to taste
1 tsp dhania pwdr
1/2 tsp jeera pwdr
1 tsp garam masala pwdr

How to Proceed-
Heat oil in a pan and add jeera.
Then put finely chopped onions.
After the onions turn brown, add the pureed tomatoes.
Then add salt, turmeric, red chilly pwdr, dhania-jeera pwdr and roast well.
Then put in the boiled white vatana.
Roast for sometime and add the garam masala pwdr.
Again stir well and roast some more.
Add water to reach the desired consistensy.
Bring to a boil. And garnish with cilantro.

For making the Pattice-
I boiled 6 big potatoes and mashed them well.
Then I added 2 bread slices to this.
And I also added salt and cilantro.
And mixed them well. Then I made small balls of this potato mixture using hands and flattened them a little and shallow fried them in a non-stick pan using some oil.

For the Green Chutney-
Blend together-
1 bunch Cilantro
2 green chillies
juice of 1 lime
little ginger and garlic
1/2 an onion.

To assemble-
Take a plate and place a few pattice first . Then pour the ragda over it and top it with the green chutney and chopped raw onions and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...looks delicious.

aruna said...

Looks delicious!!

archana said...

Ragda Patties my favorite. Looks yummy :)

Vcuisine said...

It is very nice. Viji

ushaprashanth said...

Ragda pattice is very nice.It will be very apt for evening tiffin!

Neelam said...

Thanks Aruna, Archana, Viji and Usha for your nice comments. Do try it.

Lata said...

It's been 4 months since I have not made this or I used to make this often. Being in US, I miss all that street food, I remember how we used to bunk class to eat pani puri and ragda.

Richa said...

hey, ragda pattice looks yum! you have 2 of my fav goodies back to back :)

Neelam said...

Hi Lata.I also miss the mumbai street food a lot i try making it at home often.

Neelam said...

Hey Richa..they r a favourite at our home too...Thanks

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is looking delish....Lovely...

Kajal said...

No words.....bcoz....this is my one of the school days fav dish.....when I see then can’t wait for eating..........:)

Anonymous said...

wow.....did i say wow...then i will say it do love ragda patties...thanks for the post and visting my blog...and the lovely comments

Jyothi said...

hey my favourite patties. Thanks for sharing dear.

BTW, I added your blog name in my blogger's list. Keep on coming dear.

Neelam said...

Thanks try it dear.

Thanks Kajal,Shall I send some to You!

Thanks Dilip so much!

Thankyou Jyothi for adding me on.
Thanks dear!

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Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Looks delish......Love it...

Anonymous said...

hi neelam

Your recipes looks delicious when i read it. I will try ur recipe. Thanks for sharing.


Neelam said...

Thanks Raje, Do try sometime!

PRIYA said...

Thanks for the recipe will try this out jus now.Cudnt reach my mom was jus browsing thru website and found this delicious receipe.

Siya K

POORNIMA said...

I tried the recipe it was superb... thanks a lot.... another thing do u know the recipe of green pattice with dry fruits... if so please post it up.... this is guj style thanks once again

Neelam said...

Hi Poornima, I am so glad you liked it! Actually have never made apattice with dry fruits. Shall surely try to make and post sometime.