Monday, April 23, 2007

Veggie Salad

I was not very fond of salads until we were invited to a friend's place for dinner. She had prepared an exotic salad and we just loved it . And that is the day I realised that there is much more to salads than meets the eye. So I immediately phoned her the next day for the recipe. I made the same salad a couple of times and then started experimenting various combinations and dressings and the result each time was really very good. So today I will share with u the recipe of a very simple yet delicious and a healthy salad.

This simple salad needs veggies like- Lettuce (any kind that u like), cucumbers,onions,tomatoes,red cabbage,Oranges,apple,pineapple,carrots. Basically whatever u can eat raw and have in ur fridge ! And the quantity of each ingredient can also be as per ur liking. I usually take 1 each of all the veggies and fruits. u can use any fruits or veggies that u like. For the dressing u need olive oil,honey,salt,vinegar and ground black pepper. I also use a store bought dressing for a change at times like the thousand island dressing.

Wash all the vegetables and fruits well. Cut the lettuce in bite sized pieces and put them in a big salad bowl. Cut the cucumbers,onions,tomatoes,apples,carrots,cabbage in thin strips (juliennes) and add them into the bowl.Peel the skin of the orange and cut the slices into cubes,Half a cup of pineapple cubes (either fresh or tinned ) add them all in the bowl.

Then prepare the dressing. Take a tbsp of olive oil,a tsp of vinegar,a tsp of honey,a dash of salt and pepper and whisk them all together and pour it over the salad and mix them all together and serve.

Instead of the above dressing sometime I use the thousand island dressing and it tastes really great. I also add asparagus to the salad sometimes. Cut off the hard ends of the asparagus and cut them into 2" long sticks.wash them and put them in boiling water for 2 mins , remove and cool and put them in the salad bowl along with the other veggies.

Health Tip - When eating an orange make sure not to remove the 'white thread like' fibres (pericarp) surrounding the fruit with its rind removed. According to Wikipedia the pericarp is an excellent source of dietary fibre and has equal amounts of vitamin C as the fruit.


Shrilatha said...

Use lemon juice in place of vineigar(acetic acid)fr dressing, if have a lemon kept handy in ur fridge,which would be more healthy as it contains plenty of Ascorbic acid (vit C),good fr body immunity.

Neelam said...

Thanks for the tip Shrilatha,
Such good health tips r always welcome.