Monday, April 9, 2007

My First Post

Welcome to Recipe Factory !
My passion for cooking, flavoured with my hubby's love for eating led me to the world of spices and cuisines. I really had no interest in cooking until I got married. My husband being a big foodie made me obsessed with food and the art of cooking it.There was a time when I was watching every food show in every language to satisfy my penchant for cooking and my hubby's tummy ! And my bookshelf started bulging with cookery books ( it still is ! ) and I started trying out recipes... a new recipe each day! Then I got introduced to the wonderful world of Food Blogging. I started learning more and more and trying out and still am! I just love to cook now and invent my own new ways of cooking . The idea of having my own food blog was inspired by my husband who loves to showoff my culinary skills !
So Enjoy and Happy Cooking !!

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